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Scamps Newsletter for April

Breakfast Club, After School and Wraparound

It has been really exciting to have all the children return to Scamps and we are fully open for the Summer Term.

Holiday Club

Holiday Club will open for May Half Term. Holiday club is now open to two year olds - see the Holiday Club page for details.

Little Scamps

Little Scamps has been fully open since the Christmas holidays. The children have had such a wonderful time, and the staff have been amazing.

30 Hours extended funding

As you may know, Little Scamps currently pairs with Stanley School's afternoon nursery for 30 hours extended funding. We are pleased to announce that we will be offering the full 30 hours funding at Scamps from September. As well as for the children attending Little Scamps in the morning, we will also be able to pair our afternoons with St James's morning pre-school to offer the 30 hours.

To see if you are eligible please check online at: www.childcarechoices.gov.uk.

Please contact debbie@scampsteddington.co.uk for more information.

Education through play
Safe, caring and fun!

First class childcare

Scamps were one of the first after-school care providers in the Teddington area, and have provided first class childcare for over two decades. We are now seeing the second generation of many local families.

Highly qualified staff

We are very proud of the commitment, dedication and retention of our highly qualified and experienced staff team. As well as the staff, we have a dedicated group of parents who form the Scamps Board.

Not for profit

Scamps are non-profit making, run entirely for the benefit of our members - so all income after expenses is used to provide the best possible service to you and your family. All parents who use Scamps are members.

Staff and Children at Scamps Teddington

Find Out More

Please contact one of our managers for further information about our sessions, or to arrange a time to come and visit.

Email enquiries@scampsteddington.co.uk or call us on 020 8943 9313.



Breakfast Club

Debbie Cetra

Little Scamps and Wraparound (Early Years)

Debbie Cetra

After School Club

Tara Higginson

Holiday Club

Veronika Roberts

Scamps Charter for Children

  • To provide a safe and caring environment for children to play and relax in.
  • To provide a range of activities for children to take part in and games and equipment they can play with.
  • To encourage co-operative behaviour and consideration for others.
  • To apply Scamps rules drawn up with the help of the children at Scamps.
  • To be fair and open at all times with the children at Scamps.
  • Where a child goes to Stanley Primary or St. James's Schools to escort him/her safely to and/or from school.

Scamps was awarded Good Provider by Ofsted on 9 December 2019.